Speciality Camera Angles

Jesse is all over this area of expertise…see condorcam.com for all moving camera options.


  • Producer 
  • Director 
  • Camera op
  • Robotic camera Op
  • Video Op/Shader 
  • Jib Op
  • RF Tech
  • Aerial DP/Camera Op


  • Producer 
  • Director 
  • DP 
  • Underwater Camera DP 
  • Steadicam/Gimbal Op
  • Aerial DP
  • FAA 107 Drone Pilot
  • Jib/camera crane 
  • Director's Assist (wireless viewing)
Jesse is an asset to our productions. We can put him in a multitude of positions; from tech to creative & we know he’ll get the job done.
— Kutcher Miller, Executive Producer - K2 Creative Productions


Jesse has been a PADI Certified Diver since 2000 and became a Dive Master in 2003. With over 500 dives in more than a dozen countries, he's experienced a lot of the underwater world. Being in the water is Jesse's passion—whether it's surfing, diving, kayaking, or just plan horsing around, he's usually the first in and the last out.


Jesse Placky has been a steadicam op for the past 6 years. He owns a GlideCam 25 steadicam rig, which can support a 25lb payload. He’s also been running 3 axis gimbals as soon as they came out in 2013, from MoVI, Ronins & go pro gimbals, he knows how to create the smooth dynamic shot. His experience has been concerts, sports, film, and commercial work.

FAA 107 Drone Pilot /Aerial DP

Jesse has been flying UAVs or Drones since 2013.  He has operated robotic cameras since 2004 and his involvement with Aerial Shooting began shortly after - so flying drones came very naturally.  He enjoys solo flying or dual operation when scripted shots are the focus.  He can fly the bird or operate the camera gimbal.